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Research Analysis

The Postage Stamps of Queensland FREE download - Bassett Hull 1930 publication

The Below 5 pdf's are a Specialised Listings by David Casey

Adhesive Duty Stamps of Victoria in the Decimal era pdf

Transactional Stamps of Victoria pdf

Collector of Imposts Cancels of Victoria pdf

Register Imprints and Agent Stamps of Victoria pdf

Fee Impressions & Comptroller Cancels 1875 to 1946 Of Victoria pdf


Customs Duty Printing Records and More

Singer Sewing Machine Receipt Revenues

Wine, Spirit & Brandy Private Levy Revenues of Australia

Telegraph Stamps of the Commonwealth of Australia and its States

Names of Railway Stations in New South Wales. With their Meaning & Origin


Queensland Toll Tickets

Our Boys League Colonial Fund

  Tasmania Tattersall's Duty Stamp Tickets

  New South Wales Betting Tax [can you help]

Queensland Large Embossed Dies

Queensland Unemployment Insurance


Revenue Collecting - An article from 1893

Commonwealth Patent Fee Stamps only, a pdf update

Commonwealth Patent and Trade Mark Fee Stamps

A Different Perspective - Queensland High Value Lithographs

Notes on the Commonwealth Tax Instalment Stamps

Western Australia 1881 'One bar before Two'

Queensland - Cairns Mulgrave Tramway

Queensland Stamp Duty EDV11

Victoria Fee Stamps

Postal Notes


Odd Items

Who is F. F? The Printers Thumb Print and more.

Some Queensland Plate Flaws

 Is a Cypher label a revenue?