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Any help in completing the below work would be appreciated copies of full tickets etc


Betting tickets were stamped with a duty die


d Issued 1st January 1916



Followed by the d Typo Issued c1916

D I Smith Collection


1d Issued 1st January 1916

There are three Die transfer flaws I can find which occur on all known copies

1. Lower left of U of DUTY

2. Left vertical leg of M of STAMP week

3. Inner frame break lower left of shield





      Die I                                    Die I Type II Break to inner frame









Early 1917

Type I    Type II


1.  All catalogues list a d in the above 1d die as being issued pre printed as a betting ticket.


2.  All catalogues list a d perf 12x11 on Crown over A watermarked paper as being used stuck on a betting ticket.


In fact not a single d copy has been sighted on a full or part ticket. Studies continue.


August 1917






Break bottom frame [right copy]

All recorded copies of this 2d are die II [TWO PENCE 12mm]

Issued date therefore is 1922 contrary to all published works stating 1917-20


Left stamp 2d Grey unlisted colour

Right stamp pre cancel X



Master Die Proof

Issued Stamps




Top of right frame damaged


Full Tickets 

70mm x 100mm


Left copy without three digit audit number


Left copy without three digit audit number



Decimal 1966


Without three digit audit number




Some tickets found with bookmakers picture on reverse







Plate reconstruction



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