Odd Items of Interest



I am listing odd items of interest on this page, and will add to it as time allows.





Who is F. F?





Found engraved only on the 1d & 6d 1872 Stamp Duty of Queensland are the letter F. F. in the lower left & right corners.

Maybe this was the engraver who had some spare space to engrave his initials?






Thumb Print






A printers thumb print can be found on the 2/- lithograph of 1880.


If you look in the middle left side you can clearly see it.





Queensland 1872 Issue 1/- Transfer II


 I have not seen this second transfer listed in any catalogue as "type 11" and wish to record it here.







 Shoulder at right almost in line with stop after DUTY.


 Ten sub-types have been identified, arranged in 2 rows of 5, repeated.



Type 1         White line on top right of diadem extending to T of STAMP

                   Inner oval broken before Y of DUTY

                   Stop after y touches oval


Type 2         White line in solid oval from S to P


Type 3         White line in solid oval from M to U


Type 4         White line above and beyond right half of diadem

                   Dot below second E of QUEENSLAND joining the oval


Type 5         White line above right half of diadem to under S

                   First stroke of U joined to outer oval


Type 6         Central cross of diadem touches base of crown

                   White line in solid oval under LA


Type 7         Inner oval broken after Y of DUTY

                   Stop after Y away from oval


Type 8         White line in solid oval under UT of DUTY


Type 9         Projecting dot under U of DUTY


Type 10       White line in solid oval under TY of DUTY




Burelé Band on Face


A pair of 1872 Queensland 2/6d with the burelé band printed on the face of the stamp exists which is unlisted in catalogues.

Have a dig through your collection and let me know if you find another.





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