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Australian H. M. Customs Clearance Seals 1899-1930 Detailed Study 2021. FREE pdf download HERE

Queensland 1901 King Edward Duty Stamps 1d-£5 Detailed Study 2020.
FREE pdf download HERE


Queensland 1878 1d & 1900 1d Stamp Duty Detailed Study 2019. Detailed study. FREE pdf download HERE


Queensland 1892 Duty Stamp Detailed Study 2019.Detailed study. FREE pdf download HERE

Queensland 1871 Stamp Duty Detailed Study 2019.Detailed study. FREE pdf download HERE

Cinderella Receipt Stamps of Australia 2019 Covering Life Insurance to the Ambulance to the Hospital to the Mortuary. FREE pdf download HERE

Official Aussie Perfins 2019 A basic guide for quick reference includes all recorded patterns from State Councils & Commonwealth. FREE pdf download HERE


G.I.O. Overprints on N.S.W. Duty Stamps - A check list 2018 FREE pdf download HERE

The 1866-71 Lithographed Stamp Duty Adhesives of Queensland 2016. Commemorating the Sesquicentennial of the Queensland Stamp Duties Act of 1866.The serious philatelic study of the Queensland 1866 and 1868 lithographed stamp duty issues has for some 150 years been neglected by every Queensland philatelic student excepting one, “Eric. W. Mann. RDP FRPSL”. The following study is in effect the result of the joint original research by A. F. B. Hull, A. B. Kay, E. W. Mann, W.Purves, F. Kiddle and D. Elsmore. FREE [20mb] pdf download HERE Read the Review HERE

Private Revenue Perfins of Australia 2011. A major Perfin publication. My co-author is David Coath from Victoria a well known perfin specialist. No stand alone publication has ever been attempted before to identify and list all known Perfins & Security Overprints on all of the recorded Australian States Revenues. Published on line at the publication is complemented by pattern printouts for all States along with ©'Perfin-Finder'. See the movie on the perfin web site. Published State by State just incase the collector only specialises in a single state.

Australia and New Zealand Revenue and Railway Fee Stamp Catalogue 2008. A major series of works, this on line catalogue, has regular updates as information is sourced, best of all its FREE for all to use. Covering all Australian States inc Commonwealth Papua, PNG [Australian occupation] & New Zealand's Revenue & Railway Fee stamps. 2000 plus full colour graphics are shown throughout this work. In this series there is also a catalogue on the Local Carrier Stamps of Australia as well as the Perfins found on Railway Fee stamps. See it HERE

The Impressed Duty Stamps of Victoria: 2006. Published by The Revenue Society of Great Britain. 32 A4 pages specialised work on the Victorian Impressed Duty stamps co wrote with David [Dingle] Smith.

Queensland Postal Notes 1880-1966: 2004. 38 A5 b/w pages. Specialised book on all postal notes issued by Queensland from 1880 to 1966 listing rarity ratings and a price guide.

Local Carrier Stamps of Thomas Bryce & Co Brisbane: 1996. 10 A4 b/w pages. Detailed listing of all known issues from 1887-1950. Other known Brisbane parcel carriers are Brisbane Parcels Express Co Ltd 1884-1892 and Chalks Express Delivery Co.

Queensland Revenue Proofs: 1988. 35 A4 b/w pages. A simplistic listing of material held by the government printer in 1988, includes all known proof dates and art work for both revenue, railway and tramway issues.

Queensland Railway Parcel Stamps: 1987. 50 A4 b/w pages. Priced catalogue of all issues up to 1987.

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