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It has long been claimed by early students that the Tasmanian Government Railways introduced parcel stamps in 1902 as a result of the ban by the Federal Government on the delivery of mail to Tattersall’s lotteries. At this time the use of stamps for parcels traffic was well established, and while carrying Tattersall’s mail by rail as parcels Circumvented the prohibition, the stamps were not introduced expressly for this purpose.


A circular issued by the TGR Accountant on 20 May 1886 notified railway staff of their introduction:


"A supply of the above which are of two values viz. 3d and 6d in sheets containing 12 can be obtained upon application to the undersigned. Parcel tickets are not to be accepted unless they bear the stamp of this office.


Stamps are to be obliterated by dating immediately on receipt of parcels by the Booking Clerk. W H Lovett, Accountant"


Initially these stamps were only available for stations between Launceston and Formby (later renamed Devonport). This limited availability was still shown in the 1890 rates book, even though they had been available on the Launceston-Scottsdale line in 1889.


The Rates Manual issued in 1891, following the Government takeover of the Main Line between Hobart and Launceston in October 1890, extended their use to all stations.

Launceston Examiner Thursday 20 May 1886



1886-1890                                                                           1891

'Manual of Rates and Regulations for Passenger, Parcels, and Goods Traffic'





Parcels Ticket


                                                                            OHMS Police Dept Use

1886 [20 May] No Watermark Line perf 11.8. On tatts cover x 50%

3d-$150.00 6d-$350.00




1d Return Only Parcels Ticket


Parcels Ticket

Perf 11.8                                  Perf 12.5

Two fonts & perfs found


1892 [Nov] No Watermark Line perf 11.8 & 12.5



Specifically for use by the Tasmanian Dairy Association for the payment on the return of empty milk and cream cans. The 1d value had a very short life as in 1895 it was augmented in Parliament ".......and as an example of the anomalies empty beer barrels were carried on the railways for nothing, empty milk cans were charged 1d."


Parcel[s] Ticket

1915 No Watermark Imperf x Roulette 6¾

6d[with control number]-$300.00


Government Printer job number has been sighted suggesting a printing date of around 1915


1902 Newspaper Stamps


1902 [1 Nov] No Watermark line Perf 12 1d Perf 11 or 11½ x 10, x 10 Mint x 2

½d-$30.00 1d-$3.00 2d-$5.00 3d-$20.00 4d-$25.00 5d-$55.00 6d-$80.00


1d or 3d imperf at top x 5

1d imperf pair vertically & at left-$200.00.

1d imperf at left-$20.00


From the beginning of November 1891 Tasmanian newspapers sent by rail were carried free but from 1 November 1902 freight on newspapers was prepaid by the use of Newspaper Stamps obtainable from stations Hobart, Launceston, Devonport, Burnie, Zeehan, Regatta Point and Strahan.


The following rates applied:

Single newspapers not exceeding 10 ozs. were charged ½d per copy

Packages of newspapers not exceeding 1½ lbs - 1d

Ditto above 1½ lbs and not exceeding 3 lbs - 2d

Ditto above 3 lbs and not exceeding 7 lbs - 3d

Ditto above 7 lbs Quarter parcels rates—with a minimum 3d


1916 Newspaper Stamps

1916 No Watermark Roulette 6¾ Mint x 2

1d[roulette 6¾]-$100.00


1917 Newspaper Stamps

Surcharged in Blue & Violet


1917 No Watermark line Perf 12 Surcharged [½d, 4d, 5d, 3-on6d in violet 1don6d in blue]


ONE / PENNY on ½d-$80.00

ONE / PENNY on 4d-$80.00

ONE / PENNY on 5d-$80.00

ONE / PENNY on 6d-$140.00

3- on 6d-$200.00


1917 Garratt

1917 No Watermark Roulette 6¾ All values black Mint x 2

3d-$50.00 4d-$50.00 6d-$50.00 9d-$50.00 1/--$30.00 1/3d-$250.00 1/6d-$180.00 1/9d-$80.00 2/--$200.00


The locomotive used is an artistic representation of the L and M classes introduced on the main TGR system in 1912. The following denominations were made available in the first issue: 3d, 4d, 6d, 9d, 1/-, 1/6, 2/-. The 1/3d & 1/9d were added later.



1918 No Watermark Roulette 6¾ All values deep blue Mint x 2

3d-$40.00 4d-$40.00 6d-$40.00 9d-$40.00 1/--$20.00 1/3d-$40.00 1/6d-$45.00 1/9d-$35.00 2/--$100.00



1919 No Watermark Roulette 6¾ All values have a separate colour with several shade variants Mint x 2

1d[1944]-$15.00 3d-$5.00 4d-$15.00 6d-$10.00 8d-$15.00 9d-$10.00 1/--$10.00 1/3d-$15.00 1/6d-$25.00 1/9d-$20.00 2/--$20.00

A SPECIMEN set 3d-2/- with full gum, supplied c1921 is recorded with blank lower cartouche -$3,000.00


Care should be taken not to mix up the 3d blue with the 1918 issue above

Smaller stations can triple prices


1923 Newspaper Stamps


1923 No Watermark Roulette 6¾ Genuine used copies x 3 Mint x 2

1d-$40.00 3d-$60.00


NOTE: The latest date for the use of the title Tasmanian Government Railways seen on stationery or other printed matter is November 1922 and the earliest use of the title Government Railways of Tasmania is February 1923. It is therefore unlikely these stamps appeared before 1923.


1939 Newspaper Stamps

1939 No Watermark Roulette 6¾ Genuine used copies x 3 Mint x 2

1d-$3.00 3d-$5.00


The Transport Commission or Transport Department was not formed until 1 July 1939



1951 Diesel

[Diesel is the loco depicted in this design]


1951 No Watermark Roulette 6¾ Mint x 2

3d-$30.00 6d-$40.00 9d-$100.00 1/--$35.00 1/3d-$40.00 1/6d-$40.00 1/9d-$250.00 2/--$80.00 4/--$200.00


1952 Provisional Overprint in violet [a crude 13½mm high wood block] No Watermark Roulette 6¾ Mint x 2

9d-$150.00 1/3d-$180.00


1953 Overprint on Garratt

[Bayer-Garratt is the steam loco depicted at the top of the stamp]

1953 No Watermark Roulette 6¾ All values overprinted in Red 4d no stop after '1935' x 3

1d-$80.00 4d-$40.00 8d-$80.00 Mint remainders take off 50%.


1953 Overprint on Diesel

[Diesel is the loco depicted in this design]


1953 No Watermark Roulette 6¾ On Garrett issue Overprinted in red Black overprint also on 9d & 1/3d x 4  Mint remainders take off 50%.

1d-$20.00 3d-$25.00 6d-$25.00 9d-$50.00 1/--$50.00 1/3d-$60.00 1/6d-$80.00 1/9d-$100.00 2/--$150.00 4/--$200.00


1955 Void Panel

[Void panel at base of this design]


1955 No Watermark Roulette 6¾ Dark under UV light Printed in sheets of 12 3x4. Mint remainders deduct 50%

1d-$20.00 3d-$20.00 4d-$25.00 6d-$30.00 8d-$30.00 9d-$30.00 1/--$25.00 1/3d-$40.00 1/6d-$35.00 1/9d-$50.00 2/--$80.00 4/--$150.00


1960 No Watermark Roulette 6¾ White under UV light. Mint remainders deduct 50%

1d-$8.00 3d-$3.00 4d-$3.00 6d-$3.00 8d-$5.00 9d-$5.00 1/--$3.00 1/3d-$8.00 1/6d-$8.00 1/9d-$9.00 2/--$8.00 4/--$10.00 10/--$20.00 £1-$25.00


2/-Vertical Imperf pair-$40.00

2/-Misplaced horizontal roulette-$10.00


Surcharged on 1/-

1965 No Watermark Roulette 6¾ White under UV light. Mint remainders deduct 50%

3/- on 1/--$10.00 5/- on 1/--$15.00 6/- on 1/--$10.00 8/- on 1/--$10.00


1966 Decimal


This was incorrect as it should have read 1935

1966[14 Feb] No Watermark white paper Roulette 6¾ Sheets of mint remainders of the 1c, 30c, 35c, 40c, 45c, 60c, 80c & $2 from the 3rd printing are in the market place. All prices are for mint copies. USED copies with railway cancels x 10


1c-50c 2c-$2.50c 5c[yellow]-$2.50c 10c-$2.50c 15c-$2.50c 20c-$2.50c 25c-$5.00 30c-50c 35c-50c 40c-50c 45c-50c 50c-$2.50c 60c-50c 80c-50c $1[1stroke]-$5.00 $1[2strokes]-$2.00 $2[1stroke]-$5 $2[2strokes]-$2.00


A 5c "Light Bistre Brown" has been recorded by early students from the 4 July 1967 printing [this author is yet to sight a copy]


First printing 1 December 1965. A number of intermediate values [15c, 25c, 35c, 45c] became necessary in 1967 also reprinting of existing values as a result of which two further printings were made and taken into stock 23 February 1967 and 4 July 1967. Both these subsequent printings overlooked the "1925-1935" correction and accordingly reappeared with the old error "1925". In the February printings the $1 & $2 values now appear with a double bar in the $ and the 5c & 10c values with very thin numerals than hereto. The February and July issues bore plate numbers [for the first time] these being 17193-B184 and 22813-B184 respectively.


All values are on fluorescent paper.




















1966[5 Sep] No Watermark white paper, flat tropical gum Roulette 6¾ Sheets of mint remainders of the 2c are in the market place. All prices are for mint copies. USED copies with railway cancels x 10


1c-$2.50 2c-50c 5c-$2.50c 30c-$5.00






No plate Numbers are found in this printing


Legend: Transport Department Act.1935

1968[6 Feb] No Watermark white paper Roulette 6¾ Sheets of mint remainders of the 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 15c, 20c, 30c, 35c, 60c, 80c are in the market place. All prices are for mint copies. USED copies with railway cancels x 10


1c-50c 2c-50c 5c-50c 10c-50c 15c-50c 20c-50c 25c-$2.50c 30c-50c 35c-50c 45c-5.00c 50c-$2.50c 60c-50c 80c-50c


Three printings 6 February 1968, 5 October 1970 & 23 January 1973.


Plate make up was 4 panes of 10 5x2 total 40 stamps. Plate numbers 4543-B103 & 8621-B103 respectively. In the last printing the plate make up was 2 panes of 10 stamps [old plate cut in half]. The 4 pane make up can be identified by various means. Top Left Pane: R1 S1 & 5 the "M" of "Management" and the S of "Subject are damaged. Top Right Pane: R2 S2 the "D" of "Department" is rounded at the lower angle. Lower Left Pane: R2 S3 & 5 the dot between "T.G." is over the "e" of "Parcels" and not the "l" of "Parcels". Lower Right Pane: R2 S3 there is a small dot between "th" of "the".


All values are on non fluorescent paper.
















Legend: Transport Commission Act.1935

1976[12 Jan] No Watermark white paper NEW Roulette now 4¾. Height of stamp reduced by 4mm.

Sheets of mint remainders of the 15c, 20c, 25c, 40c, 50c, $1 are in the market place

All prices are for mint copies. USED copies with railway cancels x 20

15c-50c 20c-50c 25c-50c 40c-50c 50c-50c $1-50c

Two printings 12 January 1976 & 2 June 1976. Plate numbers 4543-B103 [lower right15c-40c] & 8621-B103 [lower left 50c & $1 only] respectively. The two pane plate continued for this issue.





1976[12 Jan] No Watermark white paper NEW Roulette now 4¾. Height of stamp reduced by 4mm.

Any value-$10.00


Meters were introduced 15 August 1968 at the 3 main stations [Meter numbers bracketed] Hobart [919D, 920D], Launceston [457D, 907D & 909D] & Devonport [913D]. All were gummed labels on cream paper with saw tooth perf 14 on all sides. Produced by Pitney-Bowes franking machines. Height 32½mm with the length averaging 77mm which can vary. Except 1495a which always averages 135mm in length.


Parcel stamps and meters were withdrawn 1 July 1977.



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