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The Cinderella Stamp Club of Australasia was formed in 1984, and currently has about

150 members throughout Australia and New Zealand, and around the world.


Members' interests include Cinderella's of Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

The Club produces a journal three times each year.

The Club also conducts an annual postal sale of Cinderella material, or as material becomes available.

Further information on membership
and to purchase back issues of the CSCA Journal which can be obtained by contacting the Secretary. E: Paul Storm


Cinderella Club Postal Sale 16 APRIL 30 2024

Catalogue here:

     Catalogue sale 16 Free .pdf download

A few pictures, front cover and bid sheet here: 

     Catalogue pictures & Bid Sheet for sale 16 Free .pdf download

   Vito Milana's Complete Monthly 'Cinderella Corner' from Stamp News. FREE .pdf Downloads


Journal Index to 2020 - Free .pdf download

Sample Journal December 2017 - Free .pdf download

Sample Journal December 2020- Free .pdf download


A Bibliography of Cinderella Resources - January to April 2022 - Free .pdf download


Do you have a suitable Cinderella display? or maybe you have an ongoing New Zealand or Australian Cinderella project you would like to share with us, or seek some member input? Maybe you just have some questions regarding Cinderella's? If so, we are here to help, just let the Paul Storm know.


Dave's Queensland Cinderella's



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