Complete Revenue Exhibits

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Exhibits by Dave Elsmore:


Queensland Revenues - 8 frames [FIP LARGE GOLD Medal, Felicitations of the Jury] This is an APF Classic Exhibit

Queensland Revenues the Small Taxes - 5 frames [GOLD Medal, Special Prize]

Queensland Money Orders 1862-67 - 1 frame [GOLD Medal, Special Prize]

FREE 20mb pdf file download - Queensland Revenues 1866-71 Sesquicentennial 'Literature' [GOLD Medal]

 Rail Receipts of Queensland - 1 frame [GOLD Medal, Special Prize, best 1 frame in show]

New South Wales

New South Wales Revenues - 8 frames [FIP GOLD Medal]

New South Wales Jackson One Penny - 1 frame [GOLD Medal]

New South Wales Revenue Perfins & Security Overprints - Literature - [FIP Vermeil Medal]

New South Wales Revenue Perfins - 1 frame [Vermeil Medal]

New South Wales Wine & Spirit Association Private Revenues - 1 frame [Emerald Medal]


Victoria Revenues [1871-1900] - 8 frames [LARGE GOLD Medal, Felicitations of the Jury, Special Prize, Runner Up Grand Prix]

Victoria Revenues [1900-1965] - 5 frames [GOLD Medal, Special Prize]

Victoria Revenues -The Provisional 1/6d Lithographed 1879-80 - 1 frame [Ruby Medal]


Tasmania Revenues - 8 frames [LARGE GOLD Medal, Special Prize]

Western Australia

Western Australia Revenues - 8 frames [GOLD Medal, Special Prize]

South Australia

South Australia Revenues - 5 frames [Large Vermeil Medal]


Commonwealth Customs Duty 'Junk Tax' Revenues - 1 frame [LARGE GOLD Medal]

Commonwealth Patent Office Fee Stamps - 5 frames [GOLD Medal]

Commonwealth Taxation Installment Revenue Stamps - 1966 - 1 frame [GOLD Medal]

Mixed States

Australian States RAILWAY Revenue Parcel Stamps - 8 frames [GOLD Medal]

Invited Exhibits

Queensland Revenues 1866-1900 - 5 frames Alan Griffiths - [Large Vermeil]

New South Wales Railway Parcel Stamps - Ed Druce [Vermeil]

Winged Parcels Stamps of the Victorian Railways

Carrying On - WWII Memorabilia Open Exhibit - 8 frames [GOLD Medal]

New South Wales TB Seals - 5 frames

Ornamental Telegraph Stationery - 3 frames

Australian War Savings Stamps - 1 frame

New Zealand Beer Duty Die Proofs - 1 frame

Australia - London Custom Duty - 6 frames [Large Vermeil Medal]