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Constantly updated as information and prices are sourced. Prices are in Australian $


1890 Newspaper

Various flaws exist above left shows no stop after N in NZ

1890 No Watermark on white or cream paper [Master transfer die frame breaks on every stamp] Perf 12, 10 11x10, 11 or 14 Mint x 2

Perf 12 d-$5.00 1d-$3.00 2d-$10.00 3d[brown]-$500.00 3d [lemon]-$150.00 3d[yellow]-$10.00 4d-$10.00 6d-$10.00

Perf 10 d-$5.00 1d-$3.00

Perf 11x10 d-$5.00

Perf 11 d-$5.00 1d-$3.00 2d-$15.00 3d[yellow]-$10.00 4d-$15.00 6d-$15.00

Perf 14 d-$5.00 1d-$3.00 2d-$10.00 3d[yellow]-$10.00 4d-$10.00 6d-$10.00

d-Vertical pair imperf between-$350.00 1d-Vertical pair imperf between-$350.00

3d-Yellow thin paper-$60.00

Values found on vertical laid paper: Perf 12 - 1d 3d    Perf 11 - d 1d 2d 3d 4d 6d    Perf 14 - 1d 2d 4d 6d Vertical laid paper x 2

Values found on horizontally laid paper: Perf 11 - d 1d 2d 4d 6d    Perf 14 - d 4d Horizontal laid paper x 2

Station Name overprint-from-$180.00

Stamp with Flaw x 2



 3d Brown                                          3d Yellow


No scroll between Newspaper & Twopence on left stamp. Damage to R of RAILWAYS on right stamp

No scroll x 2


Various sheet numbers with or without A prefix

Sheet numbers from-$200.00


Various Cancels

9/3/1890 ekd





Scarce cancellations can command a higher premium

By collector negotiation from $100ea


1894-97 Parcel


Inscribed PARCEL

1894 PARCEL No Watermark on white or cream paper [Master transfer die frame breaks on every stamp] Perf 11 or 12½ Mint x 2

3d-$375.00 6d-$375.00


1894-97 Freight

Inscribed FREIGHT

1894 FREIGHT No Watermark on white or cream paper [Master transfer die frame breaks on every stamp] Perf 11 Mint x 2

1/--$1800.00 5/--$4500.00


Railway Postage Essays



   It is baffling to see the word postage used in this essay. Do you know why? If so please make contact with Dave


1906 Un-adopted imperf essays various colours found

d,1d,2d,3d,6d,1/--$700.00 or $120.00each


1925-59 Charges

Designed by A Howitt


With & without station name vertical or horizontal. Scarce station names can command a higher premium

1925 No Watermark thick or thin wove vertical or horizontal mesh paper Perf 14x14 Perf 14 or 15x14. Multiples add 25%. Mint x 2

Perf 14x14 1d-$6.00 2d-$10.00 3d-$10.00 6d-$10.00 8d-$90.00 9d-$50.00 1/--$8.00 1/6d-$25.00 2/--$25.00 2/6d-$50.00 5/--$75.00 10/--$1400.00 

Perf 14 d-$10.00 1d-$6.00 2d-$10.00 3d-$10.00 6d-$10.00 8d-$100.00 9d-$60.00 1/--$8.00 1/6d-$30.00 2/--$30.00 2/6d-$50.00 5/--$100.00 10/--$1400.00 

Perf 15x14 d-$10.00 1d-$4.00 2d-$10.00 3d-$10.00 6d-$10.00 8d-$75.00 9d-$50.00 1/--$5.00 1/6d-$25.00 2/--$25.00 2/6d-$50.00 5/--$75.00

10/-pair-$3000.00 3 x 10/- pairs recorded as largest multiple

1d[no dot under D]-$6.00

d-10/- Mint presentation set without station name-$4000.00

Without station name x 3

Various re-cuts, colour ink dots and plate scratches x 2

With part papermakers [Roughway bond] watermark x 3 Found on 3d, 8d, 9d, 1/-, 2/-, 2/6d.

1925-1927 sheets were 100 on. From 1927 sheets were 120 on



No stop under D



The two scarce values in this series. 3 pairs of the 10/- value have been seen by this author [2 pairs THORNDON 1 pair CHRISHCHURCH]



Station name overprints found reading up down or misplaced



Courtenay Place found in black or violet stencil type



Four perfin patterns are known


MGM Films Pty Ltd



'K' Kodak


This system of parcel charges ceased in 1959


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