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Francis Kiddle R.D.P. F.R.P.S.L. F.B.S.A.P 1942-2015


It is with much regret that I am writing this obituary on Francis who sadly passed away in October after a short illness. Francis was a very good friend and will be greatly missed. In particular for me the regular emails back and fourth with lots of banter. He was always willing to share not only his vast knowledge but also his collections.


We both had similar collecting interests within the Australian States Revenue & Railway areas, and ended up sharing many an auction lot over the years. In the past when we had visited each other’s homes, the place would be awash with revenues & railways. I remember the preamble he wrote about displaying 600 pages of Qld at the RPSL. In needing page fillers where much swopping took place between us with not 1c of money changing hands! Imagine putting 600 A4 pages together of just one area!


Francis being Francis offered much of his collection to friends prior to his passing, rather than see certain areas sent to auction where they would have been broken down into several lots. The balance of Francis’s collection including his large gold Tasmanian revenues [untouched] will be auctioned off in February 2016 at Grosvenor’s in the U.K. His beer duties are fabulous and well worth a bid or two, not to mention his NSW revenues.


As FIP Revenue Commission chairman, Francis will leave a huge void both in knowledge, exhibiting and judging skills of not only Australian Revenues but also all world Revenues and Cinderella’s.

Queensland has the largest range of revenue taxes of all the Australian States. To quote Joshua Bell the Queensland Colonial Treasurer 1866 “The only things I have forgotten to tax are babies”.

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